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Neurotiming Optimization

Neurotiming, or the timing with which your neurons fire and receive information, is critical to almost every function of the brain and nervous system. Optimizing neurotiming can have a noticeable effect on quality of life for those who suffer from short-term and working memory issues, word-recall impairment, ADHD, stroke and concussion difficulties, non-concussive TBI, speech and language disorders, concentration and focused attention deficits, as well as narrow gait, coordination, and balance issues, among others.

Improving neurotiming can also help you to perform at your peak ability in sports, balance, hiking, music, dancing, learning and studying, public speaking, and much more.

Using wearable technology to provide auditory, visual, and timing oriented forms of biofeedback we can evaluate and train your brains' own sense of timing in order to improve processing and general connectivity between neurons.

Emotional Regulation and Autonomic Nervous System Control

Learning to control your autonomic nervous system (ANS) has become more important than ever. The state of your ANS at any given moment dictates certain physical chemistry in your body that when produced in an incoherent fashion, can lead you to experience stress, anxiety, mental fog, tunnel vision, impatience, lack of sleep, feelings of being overreactive, and more.

Learning how to activate and control your ANS through techniques involving heart-rate-variability training and actual electrical signals your heart sends to your brain, we can change some of the chemistry of our bodies to allow us to experience resilience, increased energy and intuition, joy, patience, mental clarity, and most important confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Using cardiac biofeedback devices and techniques we can help train anyone at any age to control their ANS, allowing for higher emotional wellbeing, improved quality of life, and increased performance in hobbies, learning, and sports.

Nutrition Training

You are what you eat is an underrated phrase. The nutritional choices you make will dictate what materials you have to build and power your brain, body, and gut. With a certified nutritionist and medical doctor in-house, we can evaluate your current eating habits to identify any nutritional deficits. Then, modify your current diet or set up a completely new brain and mitochondria focused eating plan, ingredients and recipes included, proven to improve overall health, cognition, energy levels, immune function, hormone production, and more. Proper cognitively focused nutrition is truly the best way to prime your body and brain for our brain training program, and is the best way to maximize the results of that training in terms of performance as well as permanence.

Our plans can include at-home pantry/fridge walk-throughs, guided grocery store visits aimed to educate on how to navigate the isles to find the best, most natural and additive free foods and ingredients, and a personalized eating program that can even include snacks throughout the day.

As an added bonus, if it is a goal of yours, our plans will almost certainly promote healthy weight loss for even greater quality of life while getting you to feel, perform, and think better than before.


The alteration of brain connections in response to experience. 





About our services

Most, if not all people at any age can benefit from improved brain fitness. If this is a priority to your or a loved one, we would love for you to call for a free consultation to speak further about your circumstance and what we can do to help. 

If needed, all of our programs can be conducted remotely via Zoom or an equivalent video-communication software. Our guidance and meetings will be conduced online in the same way as if you were in the office. 

Depending on what your personal goals are, our programs generally consist of 1, 2, or 3, 45 – 60 minute sessions per week with additional activities assigned to do at home after sessions and on off-days. 

Other than a bit of burn from occasionally working your muscles and your BRAIN, our programs don’t hurt at all. 

Everyone will have differing needs and goals, so no two programs will look exactly the same. Depending on your particular program, we can help you start seeing meaningful and exciting results in as little as 3 months. It may take a while, but it will be worth it!

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