About us

Peak Ability is a brain fitness and training program designed to help elevate cognitive confidence, performance, and integrity, allowing you to perform at your peak, at any age. 

Based in Hendersonville, NC as an auxiliary branch of Harpe Laser and Wellness, our objective is to help you reach and even exceed your goals whether they are in sports or physical activity, general learning and mental dexterity, or enjoying social dialogue, among others. Your Brain is necessary for all endeavors in life, so looking after its health and training it to perform at its best, just as you do for your body, should feel like a no-brainer. 

We deploy a scientific, multi-faceted approach to brain fitness that will be tailored to your needs. Your plan will include use of our brain gym with specialized coaching, and can include a brain nutrition program, optimal neurochemical testing, and hormone balancing and optimization to tailor a nutraceutical regimen to fit your needs.

You may feel down and have less confidence due to brain atrophy, injury, hormone imbalances, or emotional dysregulation. These conditions and their symptoms can be improved! We aim to change little things to have a big impact.  

In just a couple of weeks you can expect to begin to see lasting results. Schedule a free consultation to find out more. 


To elevate quality of life through better neurological fitness. We believe people should aim high and we are here to help you reach your goals. You will gain confidence and joy as your abilities improve, no matter how you're planning on using them.


To improve mental function in the population. We wish to elevate the prevailing expectations for health, especially as we age. Aging can be fun and whether you play sports like golf, music, or just play with your grandkids, your performance can improve. You have a say in how you age.


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